The Quilting Platypus

Before the Storm

I am a long arm quilter living in the Monaro region of Southeastern New South Wales.  I am originally from Michigan and now live with my husband and two sons on a sheep and cattle property that has a river winding through it full of platypuses.  I enjoy all aspects of creating quilts and you can find out more about me on my blog at:


With the use of a computerized machine called a Gammill Statler Stitcher, that is reputed to be one of the best in the business, I specialize in quilting Edge to Edge (all over) patterns at very reasonable prices.  Because I do not offer custom quilting, I am able to offer faster and more reasonable service than is the normal standard.  You could expect about a one to two week turnaround time for me to finish your quilt.  You can select your own design from my supplier catalog and discuss your wishes with me.  You can look through the patterns in the catalog I use most often at the following website:
(Just click on the catalog pages of edge to edge designs only)

I use only the highest quality thread by Superior (King Tut and So Fine) when quilting your quilts (for my benefit and yours) and also offer wadding by Matilda’s Own to save you shipping costs


I charge a flat rate of $2.50 per square foot for any pattern you chose.  I am happy for you to choose what you want, whether you like denser or lighter quilting so that you can get what you like and what is suitable for your quilt rather than be influenced by prices.  You can also advise me as to preference for thread color or style, for example, whether you prefer variegated thread or a single color thread.

My wadding availability and costs are as follows and include GST:

100% Cotton @ $22/meter Queen--$26.50/meter King --$13.75/meter Single
100% Polyester @ $14.50/meter Queen
60/40% Wool/Polyester @ $22/meter Queen--$26.50/meter King --$13.75/meter Single


I have chosen to work in square feet because most quilters work in inches rather then centimeters.  To calculate square feet simply multiply your quilt length (in inches) times the width (also in inches) and divide that number by 144.  That will give you the total number of square feet.  To calculate my charges multiply the total square feet by 2.5 and add the 10% GST.


Please press your quilt top well and prepare your backing so that it is larger than the top at least 4 inches all the way around.  This is very important so that I can attach it to my machine and do a the best job I can for you.  If you choose to send wadding, it also will need to be 4 inches greater than the top all the way around.  There must be no embellishments on your top and you must have straight edges on at least two sides of the quilt.

It might be easier to send your quilt top in a large envelope rather than a box.  I often use tough bags (envelopes) that can be found at the post office.  Depending upon where you are located within Australia and the size of your quilt top, it may be cheaper to use a 3Kg or 5Kg satchel, which will provide tracking also.  I will usually return your quilt using tracking and will then email the tracking number to you once the tracking number is posted.




Jeannette Bruce "Koorong", Delegate Rd, Bombala, NSW 2632
PHONE: (02) 64587120

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